E-assignment 3: Poetry

This was one of the harder tasks really. I am not used to write poetry at all. Especially not poetry with restraints like haikus, sonnets and such. I tried to have some fun with it. Here's my attempt at it.

1) Limerick

There once was a man from Fairfax
He overdosed daily on cheese snacks.
Cheez doodles are great!
Twelve packets he ate
And now he’s addicted to ex-lax...

And for those of you who does not know what ex-lax is, it's a brand of laxatives sold in the U.S.

2) Haiku

Pruned to perfection
Festive in tinsel and lights
Soon needless, needle-less

I do know I have one syllable too many, but when I googled haiku poems several websites said that the poetry and the content was more important than the form.

3) Free format

I do not read books,
I experience them.
All senses on alert
reacting to the plot.
My mind is focused
on the text alone.
Transforming it
into a movie in my head.
My ears are straining
to hear the bad guys approaching.
My eyes see landscapes
so beautiful it almost hurts.
The sweet taste of the hero’s last kiss
still lingers on my tongue.
My fingers desperately cling
to the silky mane of a galloping horse.
The smell of death chokes me
in the ancient catacombs.
Within the covers of a book
I am a hero, a warrior,
a villain, a magician,
a queen, a mistress...
I fight the battles,
I solve the mysteries,
I feel the pain and the love.
So if I’m not easy to talk to when I’m reading,
blame not me, blame the author.

1 comment:

Heather said...

OMG - a "spew alert" prior to the limerick might have been nice. LOL Well done on all three poems, Nina!

(PS - Latesha likes them, too...said she got shivers reading that last one.)