Calendars last pt...

I just realized I never actually finished what I was saying about calendars.

For everyone out there worried I would not know what day it is, please be reassured. I do have a calendar now. It is even a good one.

As for more updates I've been insanely busy the last week or so. I haven't even been to the craft store. Imagine that! I did take a short detour in there earlier this week and you know what? They had a sale! Yay! Pretty papers I've been ogling for the better part of the fall at 70% off. Isn't that a bargain I don't know what is. So I bought a couple. Now I have four or so shiny new papers to craft with. I'll see if there is time during the weekend between paper-writing and book-reading to make some more cards.

Just letting you know I'm still alive. :)



Calendars pt 2

Thanks Heather! I think I've found one that will not only fit my aesthetic senses but also the actual dimensions of the wall space where it will be hung. It's not bought and hung yet so let's not get carried away. It could be sold out. Oh well, if they are I'll ask friend S to order a nice one (or two) on Amazon. They had some really pretty calendars. Secret garden with beautiful pictures of gardens and houses and flowers and streams and ponds and... well, nature in general. Also one with pictures from Scotland. Very green. They also have different TV-series calendars and anyone who knows me know which one I would like to have. Take a guess. I double-dog dare ya! :)




Okay, I need a new wall calendar. The one for 2008 doesn't quite cut it anymore. So I went to the bookstore to see if they had any fun calendars left. They had a really nice one with chocolate. Now, one would think that a wall calendar with different chocolate pictures every month would be a great addition to my kitchen, but there were no recipes! Who in their right mind makes a calendar with chocolate and do not tell people how to make them? I don't want to look at chocolate, I want to eat it!

So I went online. Big mistake. My eyes are now square from viewing hundreds of different calendars online. I had no idea there were that many different kinds. Some were beautiful, some were funny, some downright zany. Looking at all those different calendars I realized I have standards. A calendar must have some writing space on it. I have to be able to write appointments and birthdays and such on wall calendar. Most of the calendars I found were grid calendars with tiny tiny squares for each date. If I got one of those I'd have to attach a magnifying glass to see what I wrote. Oh well, I'll do another sweep of the local bookstores and card-shops today. I'll let you know what I found.



Happy New Year!

So 2009 finally begun. As years are prone to do. One after the other. It feels kind of like a new beginning. I mean, it can't possibly be worse than 2008 right? It's been a strange year indeed. A lot of things happened that I didn't want to happen, a lot of things I wanted to happen did not. It can only get better.

I will not say 2008 was a bad year, it was just strange. A lot of good things happened also. I met several new friends that I treasure and I got to spend more time with family. That is always a good thing.

Right now however I have got two essays in linguistics to write so in concordance with my new years resolution to stop fretting about stuff I will now start on writing one of them. Isn't it fun when you get an assignment you can't wait to get started on? I get to watch "Third Rock from the Sun" on youtube and actually feel like I'm doing something useful. I LIKE linguistics! :)