I survived...today

I did not have to meet the nice men with the hug-me-jacket, nor did I have to go to the looney bin. It was close at one point though when a person decided it was a good idea to stop in the middle of a doorway. I repeat IN THE MIDDLE OF A DOORWAY!!! Now, I was stressed out. It was just a few minutes left until I had to put the mail in the postbox. Do you think I appreciated how he blocked my exit from the shop? Not sure if he was just stupid or suicidal. Got to be either one of them. I can't think of any other reason to stand in the way of me when I'm steaming and so stressed that my hair was on end. Despite wearing hair in pony tail I looked much like an angry porcupine. Some people are enigmas.

So, I avoided the looney bin, not sure about keeping sanity though because I need to brave the shops once again tomorrow. Probably after making some gingerbreads and eating them so I become nice again.


Wish me luck

A note to my friends and family:

I am now about to brave the outdoors. By outdoors I mean the malls and other assorted shops in search for Christmas gifts. If nobody hears from me in a week, please check with the local looney bin where I will most likely be sitting wagging to and fro mumbling something about jingle bells and long lines.

It is cold outside and I do NOT look forward to going outside. But I have to. I mean, there's not much point in giving Christmas presents if you haven't bothered to buy any right?

Maybe I'll be in a better mood when I get back home. Right now I feel a tad depressed at the thought of the hordes of people getting the exact same idea as me and going shopping this very minute. I'm also debating on how to dress. It is cold outside, mittens-and-hat cold that is. I won't be wearing any of it. Because in the mall there will be steaming hot and I do not like the idea of carrying stuff around just because I can't wear it.

Okay, vent over. Time to go.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...



Christmas cards 3

Okay, last post. I promise. These are just two cards, but I thought they deserved a post of their own. I'm quite proud I thought of folding the paper a little differently.

This is the front of the blue three-part card. Pretty snowflakes. Thank you Heather! Stamped with bright blue shimmering ink from Panduro. Very hard to wash from the stamps though. Anyway, I figured I'd write something or stamp something more there. If I have the time or think of something funny.

This is the inside of the blue three-part card. I really fell in love with the idea of picketing snowmen. Thanks Simon! The big sign says "Merry Christmas" and the little one "Happy New Year!". The signs on the panel do have text IRL but I blotted it out due to privacy reasons. Can't reveal who gets the card now can I?

Of course I couldn't resist but making a red three-part card also. The front is stamped and retouched in gold. It turned out really good even though I stamped it right across the slit.

And for some reason the pic of the inside seems smaller than the rest, but trust me, it's not. For the same reasons as above I have blotted out the writing on the right panel. Everything on the green background is in gold, even if it doesn't look like it. Otherwise, I got all stamps (gingerbreadhouse, candycane heart, x-mas baubles) from Heather.
I'll probably make more of those tomorrow. I'm really fond of those snowmen with signs. AND I've got patterned paper I haven't used yet. Gotta use them up too.
Okay, time for bed.

Christmas cards 2

Oh look! The first post turned out okay. I'll keep going then.

Since last year's missing gingerbreadmen card was appreciated I decided to make one this year too. It actually looks like gingerbreaddough. I got a really good brown hue on the paper this year.

And of course, the hugging snowcouple! Aren't they cute? Silver lace, silver glitter glue for the text. It's a bit wobbly because being a leftie I have to start writing with the stuff from the wrong end of the word to not smear it and get it all over myself. The snowcouple is glittery too, which makes the paper really messy to cut into. Glitter EVERYWHERE!!

For some reason I found this hilaiously funny! Now, who to send this to? Oh and I got this gingerbread stamp from Heather too. Very generous person that Heather. Thank you!

Speaking of generous, I kinda swiped the layout and the inspiration for this card from Heather. For those of you interested you can see it here.

This one however I managed to think up all on my own. I think. I might've gotten some inspiration from the SCS card sketches. The paper is all from Panduro Hobby except for the candy cane heart which I got from Heather last year and got around to use. I get so many pretty things from Heather I don't know when and how to use them. I just want to make pretty things, not crap. You know?

This last card I swiped the inspiration from friend Simon. Although his picketing snowmen were much more evil than mine. I really love those snowmen stamps. Foam stamps from Panduro. Once again, I thought this was hilariously funny. Anyone else thinks this is funny?

Christmas cards 1

Hello friends!

Here's the Christmas cards for this year. Or rather, the ones I have completed at least.

First I made a simple card using circles and red ribbon. Kinda effectful though. Maybe I should've put some of those dots (which is silver glitter glue) underneath the circles also. The dots are supposed to be stars, it looks much nicer IRL. Which is true for all the cards btw.

Here I played around with a stamp I got from friend Heather. Remember this one? Anyway, it took a while to color all those little dots and stripes and stuff. The santa in the middle is a sticker.

Another stamp from Heather. This one with candy canes in a heart shape. Very pretty. It doesn't show in the pic, but the hole in the hearts are actual holes in the front of the card. I have not yet decided what to put behind them. Suggestions?

I used the ridiculously expensive "God Jul"-paper I bought last year before I realized I could make my own using the fonts of Word and a printer. Oh well, I have paper to use for a long time at least. Coupled with a family of gingerbreadmen it looks quite nice. The gingerbreadman is a clearstamp I got from Heather last year. I still love it! The "buttons" on the men are made of glitter glue in different colours.

A simple white card with a gingerbreadhouse on it. Stamp from Heather. It was fun colouring, but it took a while. The greeting is stamped in gold and retouched with a gold pen.

Okay, I realize that this pic does not give credit to the card. Just imagine a white card. I cut out a circle and lined the hole with blue glitter glue dots. Inside the card I stamped a family of snowmen and coloured them appropriately. The text is silver glitter glue except for the snowflake which is a brad.
Now I'll try to post these cards and see if I can make another post with the rest.