Christmas cards 1

Hello friends!

Here's the Christmas cards for this year. Or rather, the ones I have completed at least.

First I made a simple card using circles and red ribbon. Kinda effectful though. Maybe I should've put some of those dots (which is silver glitter glue) underneath the circles also. The dots are supposed to be stars, it looks much nicer IRL. Which is true for all the cards btw.

Here I played around with a stamp I got from friend Heather. Remember this one? Anyway, it took a while to color all those little dots and stripes and stuff. The santa in the middle is a sticker.

Another stamp from Heather. This one with candy canes in a heart shape. Very pretty. It doesn't show in the pic, but the hole in the hearts are actual holes in the front of the card. I have not yet decided what to put behind them. Suggestions?

I used the ridiculously expensive "God Jul"-paper I bought last year before I realized I could make my own using the fonts of Word and a printer. Oh well, I have paper to use for a long time at least. Coupled with a family of gingerbreadmen it looks quite nice. The gingerbreadman is a clearstamp I got from Heather last year. I still love it! The "buttons" on the men are made of glitter glue in different colours.

A simple white card with a gingerbreadhouse on it. Stamp from Heather. It was fun colouring, but it took a while. The greeting is stamped in gold and retouched with a gold pen.

Okay, I realize that this pic does not give credit to the card. Just imagine a white card. I cut out a circle and lined the hole with blue glitter glue dots. Inside the card I stamped a family of snowmen and coloured them appropriately. The text is silver glitter glue except for the snowflake which is a brad.
Now I'll try to post these cards and see if I can make another post with the rest.

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Heather said...

Ah, that's what that remark on my ornament card was about. GMTA! I like your use of actual ribbon where I drew it in on mine. I also LOVE your "god jul" paper. If you ever create a sheet in word, feel free to share! *g*