Christmas cards 2

Oh look! The first post turned out okay. I'll keep going then.

Since last year's missing gingerbreadmen card was appreciated I decided to make one this year too. It actually looks like gingerbreaddough. I got a really good brown hue on the paper this year.

And of course, the hugging snowcouple! Aren't they cute? Silver lace, silver glitter glue for the text. It's a bit wobbly because being a leftie I have to start writing with the stuff from the wrong end of the word to not smear it and get it all over myself. The snowcouple is glittery too, which makes the paper really messy to cut into. Glitter EVERYWHERE!!

For some reason I found this hilaiously funny! Now, who to send this to? Oh and I got this gingerbread stamp from Heather too. Very generous person that Heather. Thank you!

Speaking of generous, I kinda swiped the layout and the inspiration for this card from Heather. For those of you interested you can see it here.

This one however I managed to think up all on my own. I think. I might've gotten some inspiration from the SCS card sketches. The paper is all from Panduro Hobby except for the candy cane heart which I got from Heather last year and got around to use. I get so many pretty things from Heather I don't know when and how to use them. I just want to make pretty things, not crap. You know?

This last card I swiped the inspiration from friend Simon. Although his picketing snowmen were much more evil than mine. I really love those snowmen stamps. Foam stamps from Panduro. Once again, I thought this was hilariously funny. Anyone else thinks this is funny?

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Heather said...

OMG! ROFLMBO at the "raining men" card. I love it, and so glad you like that stamp!

I also like the picketing snowmen. Very cute!