Pretty in Pink

I'm having a pink moment...


Just a thought

Have you noticed that when talking to some people, and they ask you what's happening in your life, they want to hear what is important to them, not what is important to you?


Ice cream

Ah... I feel better. I just had ice cream. With chocolate sauce. Mom makes the best chocolate sauce ever.

I'm still miffed that I caught that cold. Why did someone decide to unload their germs on me? I mean, it's not that any of the people I offered to share my germs with wanted any. In fact, they declined with emphasis. Oh well, my new friend ibuprofen helped me get on my feet today. At least for the necessary amount of time I could fake being well.

Today I feel better than yesterday. I went to interview. Very interesting to get feedback on both verbal and non-verbal behaviour/message. I liked it. But I think that the main issue is to not take it personally. I mean, these people just want to help me get a job. Or is it just me being thick-skinned from all those academic years of both giving and getting feedback on papers and essays and other written stuff.

I think I'll try to save voice for tomorrow. Only written communication from me tonight. If I can refrain from talking and/or singing with my less than wonderful voice that is. Highly unlikely. This morning I croaked out "The Bare Necessities" from "The Jungle Book" while ironing. No, I didn't do it just for fun, I had a purpose. I figured that if I could gently warm my chords I'd be able to actually speak at interview. Makes sense right? It worked. I could speak. At least clearly enough for them to hear what I said.

Okay, time for a nap.