Calendars last pt...

I just realized I never actually finished what I was saying about calendars.

For everyone out there worried I would not know what day it is, please be reassured. I do have a calendar now. It is even a good one.

As for more updates I've been insanely busy the last week or so. I haven't even been to the craft store. Imagine that! I did take a short detour in there earlier this week and you know what? They had a sale! Yay! Pretty papers I've been ogling for the better part of the fall at 70% off. Isn't that a bargain I don't know what is. So I bought a couple. Now I have four or so shiny new papers to craft with. I'll see if there is time during the weekend between paper-writing and book-reading to make some more cards.

Just letting you know I'm still alive. :)


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Heather said...

70% off is definitely a good sale -- on anything! I had good intentions to make cards this week, but instead spent much of my time with vampires. *Sigh* I have now become addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series. Like I needed to get turned on to yet another new-to-me author or series! LOL