Calendars pt 2

Thanks Heather! I think I've found one that will not only fit my aesthetic senses but also the actual dimensions of the wall space where it will be hung. It's not bought and hung yet so let's not get carried away. It could be sold out. Oh well, if they are I'll ask friend S to order a nice one (or two) on Amazon. They had some really pretty calendars. Secret garden with beautiful pictures of gardens and houses and flowers and streams and ponds and... well, nature in general. Also one with pictures from Scotland. Very green. They also have different TV-series calendars and anyone who knows me know which one I would like to have. Take a guess. I double-dog dare ya! :)


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Alice Audrey said...

I couldn't even begin to guess, although with our simultaneous posting on Heather's blog you'd think I could read your mind. :)