Crazy week

It's been a seriously crazy week. Just started new class. It was Mon-Wed all day. More than all day. 10 hrs of cramming in lectures. Statistics mostly. Could be interesting when I know more about it. Got off to a bad start on Monday, but that wasn't school-related. It did however affect my mood a bit. Oh well, I will probably survive. Tuesday was statistics day. Looked at graphs and diagrams all day. Felt like a rag when I got home and stumbled into bed. Who knew it was so tiring to just sit on behind and not do anything but listen?

I got new book yesterday, that was fun. I had a coupon, half price off on paperback novel of my choice. I think I spent 30 mins in bookstore to choose. And that was the bookstore on campus with limited options. I do not even dare to guess how long it would've taken me in a full fledged bookstore.

Today I worked a bit on assignment 1 and then went to pharmacy to get a wrist support. Wrists hurt because of too much time spent online so I got me one of those fancy supports that one can use on both hands. That's always nice. Can't afford to buy two of them. That and the fact that the hand is basically useless when having support on. It's good for me anyway. It helps. Being a behaviour scientist I have to ask if it's the support itself or the fact that wearing it makes me remember to be more careful that does the trick.

Card of the day will be one that Heather inspired with her striped card a couple of weeks ago. It lacks sentiment so far, because I do not yet know who will get it or when. There are space left for one though. Recognize the coloured paper Heather? :)

And one seriously pink one from when I had a pink-ish kind of day. I had fun with scalpel trying to cut out all those circles. It doesn't show very well in picture but the edge of the card is bubbly too.


Heather said...

Yes, that top card does look vaguely familiar. I'm glad you are finding some use for the materials I sent!

Loooiz said...

Jag gillar verkligen det rosa kortet. De talar till min my little pony/barbie-sida xD