Christmas Cards

For this one I thought I'd think outside the box for a change. Black cardstock. Greyish paper. White patterned paper, black flower, silver brad and silver glitter gel from Panduro.

Red cardstock (do not know from where, I found it in a moving box a month or so ago). Stamps and ink from Panduro. Stamp coloured with felt tip pens. Sentiment hand drawn with silver glitter gel from Panduro.


Design said...

Wish there was a directory of old and hand-made christmas cards.

So people could upload their own designs and out of print designs they find.

Just a random thought.

Heather said...

Cute stamps!

Nina said...

design: That is an idea. Have you checked the different stamping communities online?

Heather: Thanks! 70% off in the middle of the summer. Who am I to refuse a bargain like that? I hadn't seen those stamps until I found them in the bargain basket.