Today I made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

Ok, I know I am a weightwatcher and I know it's not good eating gigantic cookies when trying to lose weight, but once in a while... And then I found this great recipe in the newspaper.

I read in newspaper online (not the same as the one mentioned above) that it was leftie day today. Yay for all us left handed people! Celebrate! There was also a poll. Do you think lefties have special talents? Heck yes! Why not? There's got to be some benefits to being a leftie. I mean, look at the world, it's made for righties. Not too long ago writing with left hand was prohibited here. You had to learn how to write with your right hand. Thankfully that was all over by the time I started my journey through the public school system. I know how to do it, but it looks like a five-year-old wrote the letters. Anyway, I had to learn how to cut with scissors with right hand. When I do my cross-stitching I am a rightie. Also crocheting and knitting are the right way. Not right as in correct, but right as in opposite left. Most likely because the people that taught me are righties.

When it comes to cutting things with knife it's a bit complicated. When I cut something like a slice of bread from a loaf I hold the knife in my left hand. Everyone thinks it looks funny. Even me when I see other lefties. Probably because I'm not used to seeing it. But when I peel cucumber with a knife I hold knife in right hand and cucumber in left hand. I have to switch when slicing it though. Very strange situation indeed.

Where was I going with this? Ah yes, cookies! I strayed off the topic here a while.

The recipe said there should be 16 cookies. I have no idea how big those people make their cookies, but I kinda like it when the cookie does not become a full meal. I thought I made gigantic cookies and I got 18 out of the batch. Next time I will make at least 32 cookies. They are huge! You know the cookies they sell in the coffee shops? The big ones? The ones that are bigger than the plate you put them on? Well, these are almost the same size. They would be if one took a rolling pin to them because my cookies are thicker than the ones bought in the caf├ęs.

It was good that the oven baked potatoes took a while to get ready because I would not have the space in tummy to eat them otherwise. We were supposed to eat shrimp today but the shrimp was not good. They tasted kinda funny and was all dry and crumbling. Ok, I am no experts on shrimp, but crumbling? So I followed my instincts and try to think of it in terms of "I avoided food poisoning" rather than "money down the drain".

Now, what to do with the rest of the cookies? Can't eat them all myself now can I? I can just picture it, Nina bloating up like a hippo... That so ain't gonna happen!

Bedtime! Z-time! Tomorrow my friends I will learn how to put pictures of my latest creations on blog.

Ta ta for now!


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