New card!

I made this card about a month or so ago. It has been sitting on top of scanner waiting to be scanned in. Today I decided to send it off to friend who I thought needed it so of course I needed to scan it first to save the image. Ah well. 'nuff said. Here's the card:

Ok, so it looks a bit crooked, but that's only me not good with scanner. I promise it was ruler straight when I made it. So I made it from light blue cardstock which I sponged with "Garden Green" from Stampin' Up (Thank you again Heather!) to make it more green. I used an ordinary kitchen sponge which I cut some holes in to make it more patterened. Second layer is from a green scrap kit I got from friend for b-day. Very nice. Thank you H for that one! Oval was white from the goodie bags Heather sent me and covering that is some light green vellum also from those goodie bags. The flower is fabric and bought in a kit along with the buttons. The tiny brad was from another kit. All from Panduro Hobby. Last but not least. The text is ordinary felt pen, the kind you buy for kids as are the "stitches" along the border since I am not allowed to use the sewing machine at home.

Was that enough info?

Next up will probably be from my very pink collection. LOL!

Ta ta for now!



Maggie Nash said...

Very pretty Nina!

Heather said...

Excellent job, Nina - very pretty and I love your faux stitching!

Looiz said...

snyggt värre. Du kanske skulle starta företag :D

Nina said...

Thank you all for your kind response!

The faux stitching was fun to do. I might even do more of the same kind. In fact, I'm off to make more cards! Christmas here I come!!


Nina said...

Tack så mycket syrran! Tja, vem vet, om någon vill köpa korten så... :) /C