Jumping from one subject to another...

Have you ever thought about time? How nothing seems to take the time you think it will take to accomplish?

When working with computers they always said that it would take the time you thought it would take times two and then some. This could probably be applied to everyday life also. Just think about the time you think it will take to cook dinner. There is no way, no how that it will take 40 mins to cook a stew. Unless you're a professional chef that is. For us mere mortals it will take no less than at least an hour. Probably more. I look at the preparation time specified in the recipe and add about half as much to get a fair estimate. The recipe makers are optimists. It's not only them though. Just about everyone is an optimist when it comes to time.

Like now when I have a slight problem with comp. I did not think it was that big of a deal, but it turned out to be harder to fix than I thought. And take a LOT more time of course. Apparently I have to wipe entire harddrive clean (don't ask me what the proper term is in computerish) and start over again. Yeah right... If this comp doesn't work properly soon either it or I will need professional help.

Another example is bookshelves. Since I love bookshelves this example comes naturally to me. Assembling a bookshelf will take about three times the time specified in the instructions if you do it for the first time. Nothing will work on the first try. This is just the way it is. I have now assembled and dissembled bookshelves so much I have no need for the instructions. I know them by heart. If it took me and a friend about 45 mins the first time I do it by myself in 15 mins now.

Another funny thing about cookbooks and recipes is that the finished dish or cake or cookie or whatever you're making never looks like the picture in the book. It just doesn't happen. I mean, I know that the food on the pic is cold (steam from hot food fogs up the lens of the camera) and styled and presented in flattering lighting. I know all this but I always get disappointed when the dish I made looks more like a bowl of dog food than the delicious meal presented in the picture. And no, the food does not look better cold. I tried that too. But it usually tastes good.

I have found one cookbook (with cake recipes) where the end result actually looks like the picture. I was truly amazed. Now, is that because I'm a great baker or is it because the recipe was simple enough and not styled up so much in the picture? In lack of evidence leaning one way or the other I will say I'm a great baker and take it as a compliment. :)

I wonder if I can trade a cake for some help with comp...


Nina (who really thought that writing this post would take longer than it really did)


Heather said...

Yes, time is a tricky entity. If you try to build in extra time for a project, it will never be enough, and when you want it to speed by, it will drag as slowly as it can.

Anonymous said...

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