Stupidity of the Week

My friends, you all know how I feel about stupidity of any kind. It has to be fought high and low and in any way possible.

This week it was a particular stupidity that stood out from the crowd of ordinary stupidities I come across every day. It was a woman (or so I think considering it was in a women's magazine and the letter was signed "hostess") who figured that "it is impossible to invite someone for something to eat now when I have to consider allergies and other dietary preferences (vegans, weightwatchers, vegetarians and so on)". And lo and behold, her guests had the audacity to tell her what they did or did not prefer to eat. The horror!! Idiotic, intolerant idiocy! That is what it is.

What's wrong with you woman!? Of course they need to tell you!! People can die from eating the wrong food stupid! I know! I have been there! I do know how it feels like to not be able to draw a proper breath. Apparently this woman hasn't. Sigh. I am truly grateful that I never had a dinner invitation from this woman. It will be very empty around her table if she kills off all her guests...

I can not speak for vegans, vegetarians or people with dietary preferences out of religious beliefs, but I can tell you as a weightwatcher that when I dine with friends, at their homes, I am not that picky. I am blessed with friends who think my welfare is important hand have the good manners to ask me if there is something I can't eat or something that I simply want to avoid at this time. Most are curious about the program and want to learn more. I am not on a strict diet of any sort, I am weightwatching and eating healthy is not going to kill anyone.

Come to think of it, isn't that the very purpose of inviting friends over for dinner? To make guests feel welcome and taken care of so that everyone has a good time? Besides, it isn't that hard to cook for a weightwatcher or a muslim or a vegan. It just requires a bit of thinking. Perhaps that is the problem for this woman, lack of brains. Of all the stupid things I have heard and read this week, this was the worst.

I am getting off that soapbox now before I rant and rave myself to a stroke.

Ta ta for now!


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Heather said...

See, I thought the point fo inviting friends to dinner was to spend time with people you know and like. Most people usually know if certain friends are allergic to something, or have foods they absolutely do not like. It isn't that difficult to either substitute an ingredient, or have something special for the person allergic.

One of my friends is lactose intollerant. No biggie - we either serve foods without cheese or keep a portion out for her before adding cheese. One friend's son is allergic to banana, so we keep some fruit salad out for him before adding the bananas. People know I can't eat mayo and Tricia doesn't like peas, so if making maccaroni salad they will leave a small portion of plain noodles out for us. Two friends are diabetic, so we try to go low-salt or make healthier foods altogether. It really isn't that hard.

Or, if people know what we plan to have for dinner, they are free to bring something that they can eat. If you are invited to someone's house and know they plan to serve shrimp, but you are allergic, tell them you wish to attend their party but hope they don't mind if you bring something else to eat as you are allergic. I'm sure any host would prefer that to someone going into anaphyllactic shock and dying at their dinner table.