Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay! It is my birthday! Or rather, it was, it ended half an hour ago. Well, some parts of the world still have hours left on the day so I'll just keep celebrating until I fall soundly asleep. :)

I had such a nice day today. I woke up, went to store to pick up puréed carrots in the baby food isle. No, I do not have a baby. Yet. I do however have a recipe for carrot cake that requires puréed carrots so I had to get some baby food. I did not know that the baby food jars are so small. I had to buy two of them. Good thing they're not that expensive. At least not to me since I do not buy them every day. I guess that parents to small children might think they are a tad heavily priced.

Anyway, I made carrot cake. It was good. I will save that recipe for another day. Did you know that if you don't eat something for a long time it will taste that much better when you know you're getting a limited amount of it? It's true! Imagine you're eating chocolate every day. After a couple of days it is not as good as it was the first day, but if you're restricting your intake of chocolate the amount you do eat will taste better than if you ate it every day with not limitations. Oh and I know, lots of fancy words there. Sorry. It was scientist-Nina who came out to play with vocabulary. :)

I got seriously cool stuff from Mom. Five books, an iron pot to make casseroles in and some way cool craft stuff. A corner punch and a border punch. Now I can make fancy corners and borders on my cards. Yay! Now, if watching too much tv makes your eyes square, what does too much reading do to them?

So if anyone needs me I will be in one of my new books with a "do not disturb"-toe tag. :)

Pizza for dinner and more carrot cake for dessert. I think I used up all the WW-points I have for an entire month. Ah well, I only have b-day once a year. I'll make it up to body next week. Lots of spinach and broccoli. Broccoli is a very nice veggie. I like it and it is very healthy. Lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants and whatnots that are good for body. I do like spinach also. It makes me strong like Popeye. I read it somewhere. It is scientifically proved that it will increase the... uh...something in the muscles making body stronger. Not certain what amount it will take to make body stronger though so it is best to eat lots of spinach.

Ah back to writing short story and reading all my books. Does excessive reading count as a valid excuse for not having a first draft finished on Thursday? :)

Ta ta for now!



Heather said...


I'm glad you had such a great day and received some awesome gifts. You will have a box coming from this direction soon, too. I tried to get it out last week, but life keeps conspiring against me. Anyway, I'm sure you will think it worth the wait. *VBG*

And you weren't reading; you were merely doing research into the writing process. *GRIN*

Oh, that reminds me of another book you might be interested in finding: HANDBOOK OF SHORT STORY WRITING published by Writer's Digest, edited by Frank A. Dickson and Sandra Smythe. I forgot I had this one and found it amid the stacks of books on my nightstand.

PinkPlastic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! im going to be roud, Im going to sing on my mothers language!!

Ja må hon leva,
ja må hon leva.
ja må hon leva uti hundrade år!
Ja visst ska hon leva,
ja visst ska hon leva,
ja visst ska hon leva uti hundrade år

Och när du har levat,
och när du har levat,
och när du har levat uti hundrade år,
ja då ska du skjutas,
ja då ska du skjutas,
ja då ska du skjutas på en skottkärra fram.

Lots of Love from MEEEE toooo UUUU!!! ;)

Maggie Nash said...

Oh Nina...SORRY!!!

I missed your birthday...I hope it was a great one!