I'm the ultimate grammar geek. I realized that a couple of years ago when I couldn't stand the typos in one of my favourite novels anymore and started to correct them. I very rarely write in books. That is a hideous crime and should be harshly punished! You don't destroy books in that manner! Ok, must breathe...

Anyway, being a collector of words I was delighted when friend Heather published a list of words I didn't know on her blog today. Yay! I learned something new. My desire for knowledge was satisfied for today. Tomorrow, well that is a whole other issue.

I discovered the wonder of words quite early in life. Do you remember when you first started to read by yourself? At first it was slow and the more pictures there were in the book, the better it was. And then you realized you were reading silently to yourself in a book with little or no pictures at all. And suddenly, there was this amazing insight. It is fun to read! There are millions of books out there just waiting for me to read! What an amazing feeling that was. I realized then I would never be alone again.

Books are our friends.

Now, can you imagine what kind of self restraint was needed for me not to buy a book when I realized one of the stores in town had a booksale on paperbacks. More than 50% off. That took some serious talking to self. Something like this:

"I want one of them!! I want this one and this one and this..."

"No, I can't have any books today!"

"Why not? Look! There's another one! And they're cheap!"

"Because I just bought train tickets and can't afford to buy books."

"But... I want books!!!" (this is where inner self threw itself on the floor and had a temper tantrum so better self had to carry it out of the store)

About the same thing happened at the craft store. Guess if inner self sulked... All the way home...

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every second of it. :)

Ta ta for now!


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