I figured I could look for a necklace to wish for my b-day (which is coming up in about a month and a half for anyone interested...). I made the mistake of googling "jewelry". I had no idea there were that many online shops selling jewelery of all kinds and prices. This is big business indeed.

This jewelery-googling made me think about what we use the Internet for. We have Facebook and MySpace to look for old friends and new acquaintances. We have online shops and even stores selling just about everything you can imagine if you have the dough to pay for shipping. We have online matchmaking sites to hook you up with Mr Right/Mrs Right or whatever you are looking for. We have games with thousands of players so you can live the life of your choice online. There's even a game named "Second Life" which probably isn't percieved as a game for those who use it, but it certainly isn't real.

I think that we will use the Internet more and more in our daily lives. When the Internet was first constructed it was for the explicit purpose of exchanging scientific information. Nobody could even try to predict that in 2008 one can order food online from ones grocery store. So this is my prediction. In the next five years the Internet will expand to encompass more and more people in the third world. There will be more and more business online and less actual stores. People will get used to the idea of not actually touching the item for sale before purchasing it. In the next ten or so years we will have evolved the Internet to become a global community where our avatars wander digital streets, go into digital shops, paying bills online and have coffee with our friends' avatars. There will be voice activated and eye movement will determine what we see from which angle. People will not have to go to the office to conduct work. Everything is digital and accessible from any computer around the world. All business meetings will take place online. We have gloves and goggles and headphones on to see, hear and interact with our digital surroundings. The digital world is percieved as to be real in 3D.

In 50 years we will have abandoned computers altogether. Since we have ruined the earth so much we will have to work hard to even get anything to eat so nobody will have time to sit in front of comps. Or we will have become fat, lazy people only living online not in the real world. I have no idea really, but the simple truth is that we are heading for a major disaster if we don't do anything very very fast to save the earth. Perhaps it is already too late to do anything. Maybe we're already doomed.

All this because of a googled necklace...

Ta ta for now!



Heather said...

I certainly wouldn't mind not having to leave the house for work, but you are right about us becoming a more lazy, obese society. I know neighborhoods aren't as safe as when we were kids, but it's no excuse to raise a generation of couch potatoes. Movement is good, fast food for every meal is bad. We've adopted some nasty habits while embracing technology the way we have, and are suffering for it.

Nina said...

Fast food for every meal is definately not good. Trust me, I tried that. No good at all.