Pet Peeves

A friend (Heather) published a list of pet peeves. Very interesting reading indeed. Some I agree with, some I don't. Probably because I've never had encountered that problem. Anyway, this reminded me of a refrigerator magnet I saw in a shop the other day. It read something like this:

If it's open, close it.
If it's on the floor, pick it up.
If it's dirty, clean it.
If it's hungry, feed it.
If it's sad, hug it.

I thought that was really good. I have to go buy that magnet...

There hasn't been a post in a while now. That's because I've had difficulties with internet connection from home and on top of that I have no less than three essays to write due on Monday. I'd better get started right? :)

Computers would be one of my pet peeves. Why can't a computer just work properly the first time around? And why can't the manual be at least something one can understand? No... Why should it? I figured it was close to a miracle when I got connection up and running on the second try with just one phone call to the supportteam. But then it failed again. Miserably. Phone again to supportteam. Nope, you've got too old whatever doohdahs it was. They knew how to fix it, but wouldn't tell me because it wasn't in their job description... *sigh* Ok, phone friend. This saint of a friend actually talked me through how to fix it. And now it works! Yay! And it wasn't because of old doohdahs.

Ta Ta for now!


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Heather said...

So glad your friend was able to get you back online from home! As for computers working right...sigh. Don't get me started! I have to reinstall my antivirus software, and it is NOT going well. The download always gets to the halfway mark -- then suddenly drops back down to 17% and has to start all over again. It's become a major PITA!

Hope you get your essays done!