It is not as bad as it sounds. I promise!

It all started when a friend bestowed a copy of Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" on me. Anyone even remotely familiar with Ms Evanovich's novels will know who Rex is. This sparked an interest in getting a hamster for myself. However, being a student and allergic to cats and dogs and horses I didn't think a hamster would be such a great idea. I still haven't got one. I will one day.

A friend of mine recently bought a hamster. I haven't seen the little bugger yet, but I hope I will soon. This purchase inspired me to do a bit of research about hamsters. I had no idea there were that many different kinds of hamsters and there are hamsters with pedigrees also. Apparently there is a whole world out there of hamster shows and breeding I had no idea existed. Of course there are a gazillion different doohdahs you can get for your hamster. My favourite so far is a little car with a wheel inside of it. You know, like Fred Flintstone had to run to get his car moving the hamster has to run to get it's car moving. The hamster ball also looks really fun for a hamster. At least that is what friend tells me. She says her hamster has a ball in the ball (yes, that pun was intended).

Anyway, with the almost limitless options of colour, fur type, eye colour and ear colour I have to decide what kind of hamster I want before I go out and buy one. I read somewhere that it's better to buy from a certified breeder than from a pet store. I wouldn't know about this. I do know that the hamsters I found pictures of online are way cute and I want every single one of them.

Once I saw a charcoal grey hamster in a pet store. Very dark. Very cute. I want one of those. Black or dark grey. And with lots of fur sticking out in all directions. That's how my dream hamster would look. I have seen light colored ones that are way too cute also. Ah... when I get a job... I will have a hamster one day! And that hamster will have a little car to run around in!

Ta ta for now!



Heather said...

I knew there were a lot of different types of hamsters, but shows? Guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised, since there are shows and magazines for everything else. Hope you get your hamster some day!

Nina said...

I will! I definatly will get a hamster. With a big cage and a little car. I saw such a car at petco's website. And then when the little guy is grown up I'll take it to a show and brush him and blow dry him and make him handsome so all the other hamster owners and the lady hamsters will "ohh" and "aww" over him. And then he might become a father of baby hamsters. Who knows? Ah one can dream at least...