Thinking about the first assignment

Session no 2 with the Academic Writing class is finished. I've got to think about this a bit before I put my thoughts on the screen. My main problem right now is that I tend to be a bit wordy and long-winded. Do tell me if I'm wrong on that account... Lord knows I had a difficult time trying to keep that Harry Potter-essay below 400 words.

Oh and I found a new feature that I did not know existed. I can make all the lines the same length. I thought that was just a ms word thing. Or just me for that matter. I like my words in straight lines of equal length.

Ok, you've been forewarned. I am a wordy person and will write long posts and hopefully long comments too.

Bus! Home! Crafts!

Ta ta for now!



Heather said...

You? Verbose? I never would have guessed! *WEG*

Maggie Nash said...

Wordy is good Nina!

It's easier to cut words than to have to find new ones :-)

Nice Blog ! And thanks for visiting me on mine :-)

Nina said...

It hurts to cut out words!!