A few hours to kill...

...before class. It's Thursday and I'm at uni again. No internet connection from home really sucks sometimes. Although I did get to talk to a lot of people at the job fair at uni. That was fun. Me and friend J went to fair together. There were a lot of people there. In some areas you almost couldn't walk because there were so many people. The only complaint I had was that it was warm, but then again, the sun was shining. It's a beautiful spring day here in Karlstad so I won't complain too much.

Yesterday evening there was a vip happening in the new mall here. I got an invitation and decided to go. It was so much fun! There was a band playing too. They were quite good. They also had three snack "stations" where one could get snacks and beverages and all the stores and shops had special discounts. I got some new stamps. One set of letter stamps. All of the alphanumerical characters. I also got a new ink pad. A red one. I only had a black one before but this new red one is also good for stamping on fabric. Way cool indeed! Now I'm going to make a cover for paperback books if I find a fabric I really like.

For now however I'm going to sit here and do some reading. Next novel up for Eng1 class is "Another World" by Pat Barker. I'll tell you all about it when I'm done (and when everyone else is done too). Since I love books and to read (see list) I'll be commenting on the books I'm reading at the moment. It should be fun. At least for me.

Of course I didn't make it home to see CSI the other day. I had too much fun trying to get this blog up and running. Oh well, I'll catch the re-run instead. I've never regretted missing a tv-show when doing something fun as of yet. (hmm... is that sentence ok? It looks funny)

Ta ta for now!


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Heather said...

Sorry you missed your program the other night, but glad it was because you were havign fun. This is what makes VCRs and Tivo so handy! ;-)

Glad to see you getting so excited about stamping. I may have to contribute to that endeavor a bit more. ;-D