I've made a mistake. I went to SplitCoastStampers to get some inspiration for making cards. Now my head hurts from way too many ideas forming in brain at the same time. Very much like when I go to craft store to look around to see what's new. Not a good idea if I don't have any money to buy stuff with.

Anyway, I managed to print out some sketch suggestions since I seem to lack the inspiration how to place my decor on the cards. Did that make any sort of sense?

I'm also royally annoyed with the country and the city I'm living in. We do not have all the great craft stuff the Americans have. We have what you might call a limited supply. Take wheels for example. There are no stamping wheels in the store! And the ink pads! They're hardly bigger than a postage stamp!! In fact, I've seen postage stamps bigger than my inkpads. I've got two now at least. One black and one red. I'm in the beginning of my stamping career so I don't own that much yet. And wouldn't you know, I found a really neat set of clear stamps in a magazine (thank you H!) with a jungle theme (yes, there is a giraffe in the set). Now, if I understand correctly I have to mount those stamps on an acrylic block of some sort before setting out to stamp. I did some checking and realized it was cheaper to order a whole set of different acrylic blocks from the same place that had the stamps than to go to craft store and buy a single block. Shipping was included in that tally. Isn't that interesting? Shows how the prices are ridiculous here when it's cheaper to buy a whole set from halfway around the world and ship it here than buying a single block (of the wrong size of course since the biggest one is too small and in this case, size matters) in the store down the street.

Time to breathe...

I think I'll go check out the special paper craft shop that's supposed to be somewhere outside the city. Maybe they'll have more reasonable prices. I doubt it, but one can dream...

Home! Cardmaking! Oh and thinking of assignment 2.

Ta Ta for now!



Heather said...

Ah, poor Nina! You probably don't want to hear about my trip to Michael's and Archiver's yesterday, huh? And didn't I warn you the SCS gallery could be addictive? *WEG*

Seriously, I do know how spoiled I am by having so many options here, both brick & mortar and online stores. Not to mention companies like Stampin' Up! (SU), The Angel Company (TAC), and Close to My Heart (CTMH) where a demonstrator will come to you and your friends and teach different techniques and take orders from their catalogs (yeah, went a little crazy with SU recently, too).

I have been putting together a goody box for you. I have some slightly used ink pads in need of a new home, as well as some other items I thought you might like. Who knows what else might end up in that box before I send it. *VBG*

I would also be happy to stamp a bunch of images on white cardstock that you can cut down to whatever size you desire. Let me know if there are certain types of images you'd like - birthday, Christmas, flowers, animals, seaside - you name it, I probably have something to fit.

Did I mention I was addicted to stamping? *G*

Heather said...

Oh! Here's a little trick I picked up from GinaK a while back -

If you don't have acrylic blocks to use with your clear stamps, you can use the smooth side of any wooden stamps you have. It might be a little harder to position the stamps, but it works in a pinch. Here's a link to her picture tutorial - scroll down to where it says "Let's talk about acrylic blocks."


Nina said...

I'm almost certain I ought to say I don't want to hear about that trip, but I do. I seem to think that envy green is a good face color for me. :)

A goody box? For me? Yay!!! Thank you!! Right now I'm into seashells, dogs, and you know that cat (fluffles?) and of course that spider you used for my halloween card. That's too cute. Animals are always nice. And flowers. I'll use whatever I can lay my grubby little hands on. :)

You? Addicted? Naahh... LOL!!


Nina said...

You know, I wonder if I could use just about anything that is big enough and flat enough... I only have small stamps and if I want to make something with a bigger, unmounted clear stamp I probably could mount it on say one of those wooden blocks kids play with or maybe a glass. You know, then you can roll your stamp on much like a wheel. (I think). Or a glass bottle. Now I got a headache again from all ideas. Thanks Heather! :)


Heather said...

Okay, last week's craft supply trip...

- 2 packs of cardstock in assorted colors for $4 each ~ one was "botanicals" (shades of pink and greens) and the other "baby boy" (different shades of blue)
- 1 pad of patterned paper for $3
- 1 tiny snowflake punch (never too early to work on Christmas/winter cards)
- Lots of spools of ribbon ~ 2 rolls were 3 yards each for $1.50, red with white stars, and the rest were $2 each for 5 yards

- Two scalloped oval punches (had a gift card received for my birthday)
- bottle of red Stickles (glitter that goes on wet - I used some in the cupcake cards a couple weeks ago; cool stuff, but takes a while to dry)
- one mother's day stamp
- brown cardstock (coupon for 5 free sheets)
- patriotic patterned paper for 4th of July cards

I have stamps that fit all the categories you listed, so I will stamp up a bunch of stuff for you!

And yes, you can prettymuch use anything flat in stamping. I know people who cut up decorative Kleenex and cereal boxes to use in cards!