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Morning everyone!

Well, it's about 2:45 am here and I still haven't gone to bed so I guess it's evening or night for me. Oh well, it'll be morning soon.

I realized that I hadn't posted a single word here since last year. Embarrassingly bad really. So here it goes. The first post of 2010.

For a person currently between jobs I have surprisingly much to do. Apparently there are tons of church activities right now and I happily signed up for several of them. But I love it. I love learning more and I love being in church and I love the people working in church and I love the people I know in the congregation. I'm happy there. The last two weeks I've been in church so much that I got the suggestion of bringing a sleeping bag so I didn't have to go home in between activities... Hm..

And of course there's been the annual book sale. Started last Thursday and is still going strong. Well, not that strong. It was surprisingly weak this year. Small and with less titles than previous years. I didn't find that much I wanted. I got about ten books. The average is usually around 15-20 books at the sale per year. Oh well, I have lots and lots of books already and people keep lending me books all the time too. Isn't that nice of them?

Currently I'm reading the "Left Behind"-series by Tim LaHaye/Jerry B Jenkins I borrowed from a friend. Link to official website here. I've been wanting to read that series for ages, but the library here does not have it and every time I try to place a book order from another library it gets screwed up in one way or the other. I have no idea how they manage that, but apparently it's too much to ask to get the right book. Very nice of friend to lend me the books I thought. I finished the first book in the series tonight. They're in English, that's why it took almost a whole week to get through. I won't go into the quite special way of writing one has to get used to also.

Tomorrow I'm planning to read a bit from the second book in the series as well as baking. I've had problems with my left thumb the last month or so so I haven't been able to bake anything. You know, germs and all that. But now, now it's almost healed and if I'm careful I can bake again. Yay!! I bought the ingredients for rye rolls and whole wheat rolls. We'll see how much I can manage.

I think that will do as a first post of the year. :)


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Heather said...

Wait, what did you do to your thumb? We've talked a couple times the last month and you said nothing about injuring yourself. I hope it wasn't anything too serious!