It's Christmas!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping. I admit defeat. I have to go. I promised myself I would never EVER go shopping on a Saturday. Why? Because everyone else seems to get the same idea. I'm not that fond of large crowds of people. Especially not large crowds of people frantically searching for the perfect gift. You know, the one we all know doesn't exist within a reasonable budget.

There are lines also. To the registers. Where I'll have to wait my turn. Ugh! I'm not the most patient person in the world. I think I have to be a bit more zen about lines. Maybe I can read one of those books I will buy someone for Christmas while standing in that line? A couple of hundred pages polished off in an hour. Not entirely impossible. It all depends on how good the book is.

I have gotten a couple of Christmas gifts already. It seems like much of Christmas is celebrated before Christmas or after Christmas rather than on the big day doesn't it? Anyway, I got some very nice gifts from friend S. She gave me an ornamental cross to hang on wall or put in bookshelf (yeah right, we all know there isn't any room in any of my bookshelves), a seriously cute little teddy bear with scarf and hat and there are holes for the ears in the hat. Very soft and cuddly. Me like soft and cuddly. :) I also got a trinket box with an angel reading a book. Very thoughtful and appropriate. I am happy! Thank you S!

I also got a gift from friend J. We had a fun evening eating pizza at my favourite restaurant. Thank you for feeding me J!

I've gotten stamps from Heather which I used on Christmas cards. I probably should scan those before sending them off right? I still haven't read the book though. There seems to be precious little time left for reading lately. The time I don't spend fretting over what is to come I spend sleeping. No wonder I get headaches due to stress...

I know it sounds like I'm terribly materialistic thanking everyone for the gifts I got, but it's just that I'm so happy I have friends that care it's silly. I mean, for many years I didn't have any friends so having several is amazing and I feel blessed every day.

Oh well, it'll all be good by Christmas. I'll just have to figure out what gifts to get people. Any suggestions?

Ta Ta!



Heather said...

I hear you on not looking forward to shopping the weekend before Christmas. I also must venture out--not because I was procrastinating, but because sister did not send list of ideas for niece and BIL until last night, even though I requested it three weeks ago.

At least the next bout of snow isn't expected until Saturday night into Sunday and will be a fraction of what we received today (10.5 inches last I heard!). And maybe the weather will keep some people home instead of scurrying off to the mall. Yeah, I'm dreaming, right?

As to what to buy people...why, books, of course! :D

Fia said...

Hello my little wonder! I think you deserve everything you get and much more! If I had more money I would give you "the perfect gift". Well, speaking of perfect gifts, I must admit that sometimes there really exist the perfect gift. I mean, if you just looove to have a nice/beautiful notebook, is it not the perfect gift to recieve one? ;)

love/ S