Mobile terriers

Now you all wonder what a mobile terrier is and if not all terriers are mobile most of the time. Well yes, this is just another kind of terrier and it is not a dog.

A day not long ago I happened to enter a mobile phone store. You know the little hole-in-the-wall shops where they try to sell you a mobile phone. Anyway, I went with friend J because she needed to get her phone fixed (no, I am still not talking about dogs. Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention! :))

So we went into this tiny space where there are three salespeople and exactly zero customers. One of the salespeople lights up like a Christmas tree, bounces up to me and asks if I want a new phone too.

And here's the dialogue that followed.

Salesperson in a bouncy voice: Do you want a new phone too?!?

Me: NO! (I figured that if I tried to use a firm voice and clear message sales person would understand the meaning of "no" just like children and dogs do. I was wrong.)

Salesperson not deterred but still bouncy: But are you sure?!?

Me: I am NOT getting a new phone. I am happy with the one I have thank you very much. (See? I already lost my patience)

Salesperson: But if you would get one, what kind of phone would you want?!? One with an mp3-player?!? One with a really good camera?!?

Me: No! If I was to get a new phone, which I am not, I don't want one with an mp3-player nor a camera. I would want a phone that is good for calling people. And maybe text messages. That is all. But I am NOT getting a new phone. I have Christmas presents to buy first.

Salesperson still not deterred but more bouncy than ever: So you want one that stands rough handling?!?

I felt my eyes doing a mental roll by that time. What part of "no" is so hard to understand?

Me: No! I do NOT want a phone that stands rough handling. If I would get a new phone it will be for calling people and sending text messages!

Now salesperson looks at me as if I just sprouted a new head. Apparently one has to have a phone that does just about everything. Well, if I could wish I'd wish my phone to be a gourmet cook and happy to clean windows. How's that for a phone? I'd even be willing to pay for it.

Fortunately friend J had almost finished her dealings with another one of the salespeople so I took refuge behind her when bouncy salesperson took out a calculator to calculate how much I would save from getting a new phone and how much I could talk and the benefits. I almost wish there had been a representative from Guiness world records there because I fled from that shop so fast that light would seem sluggish in comparison.

Ah yes, the terrier. I was just getting to that. In my mind a terrier is a stubborn, energetic and eager kind of dog. Much like the salesperson. However, terriers are also cute and trainable...


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Heather said...

Sales people can be more tenacious than a terrier at times. Recently, one kiosk (little carts set up throughout the main gallery with the intent to annoy shoppers) at a local mall got into trouble for badgering customers in such a fashion. The sales people at this one stand were known to actually grab peoples' arms and try to steer them over to their carts, and then ride the customers until they caved and bought something. And if they did buy something right off, then they were badgered into buying more.

Several people contacted reporters to complain after they said complaints made to the mall were not addressed. Naturally the mall and company in question claim not to have received complaints.

This is why I try to take the widest path possible around those kiosks and not make eye contact with the vultures manning them. I chewed one out once for trying to spritz perfume in my direction, which I am allergic to.