It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I absolutely love Christmas so when Heather sent me a seriously cute little gingerbreadmanstamp I knew I had to start making my Christmas cards. After running myself ragged trying to find gingerbreaddough-colored paper to make the gingerbredmen out of I got down to business. Here are the fruits of my labour so far.

Gingerbreadmen on parade!

Gingerbreadmen in the making. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show their glittery buttons too good. Oh well, it's like with everything, it looks good in real life.

Runaway gingerbreadmen!

All cards were made using the gingerbreadmanstamp which I stamped on brown cardstock in black ink. Using a scalpel (no Heather, you are not allowed near the scalpel!) I cut out the gingerbreadmen. I figured I could use the "holes" too so I cut out a dough-shaped piece of paper and glued it to black cardstock. White crayon was good to make "flour" on the men and the dough. Glitterglue in assorted colours and a white pen decorated the men.

I have one exam and three keywords to write so making more cards is strictly off limits right now. If I can keep myself from it that is... :) I am still tired from the two exams last week. Oh well, I'll catch up on my sleep when I get old.

Ta ta for now!



Heather said...

Hey! I have a swivel knife--I just don't use it very often 'cause, well...it's sharp, and this is ME we're talking about. LOL

Love the cookie tray full of gingerbread, and how you spelled out the Christmas greeting on the top card. Glad you are having fun with that stamp! ;)

PinkPlastic said...

You are sooo cute ;) Me wanna eat YOUUUU!

Nina said...

Thank you Heather! Now, what is a swivel knife? I bought a knife that was supposed to cut circular pieces of paper. Had two arms. One with a pointy bit that was supposed to go in the center of the circle and one with the knife on. It didn't work, the paper got holes from the pointy bit and I hurt myself on it. I am so throwing that away. If you don't want to explain to US Customs why I ship sharp thingies to you that is. :)

I am having the best time with my gingerbreadmanstamp! Friends thought it cute too. More cards coming up as soon as my cold is gone.

Mr Plastic... I didn't think I was your cup of tea but hey I don't mind. Be careful what you wish for...


Loooiz said...

Jag gillar verkligen dom med pepparkaksgubbarna som försvunnit. Mystiskt.....Fika låter jättebra, eller lunch på teachers (eller hur man nu stavar det...)? Var ett tag sen nu. :D

loooizz said...

Jag här igen. Imorrn på teachers blir bra för mig. Är ledig imorrn och ska försöka få en klipptid men det är inget säkert. Har inga pengar på mobilen just nu men ska ladda den med pengar första bästa imorrn. Vilken tid? (kan lämna förslag på min blogg)